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SBA Disaster Loans:

Apply for a loan as soon as its available. After they determine if you qualify, you will receive funds in 2-3 weeks. Apply even if you think you won't need it. You can always say NO.

MultiFunding has also put together a community site to help business owners navigate through the SBA loan process during these confusing times:

90 Day Financial Planning:

Meet with your CPA and/or Controller/Accountant and create a financial plan for the next 90 days. Re-evaluate this plan every 1-2 weeks to see if you need to adjust.

Stress test your cash! Alan Miltz’ SaaS tool for managing cash – no charge for 3 months – stress test your cash with just 6 numbers from your financials.

Consider adding an expense line item called COVID-19 and dump off all expenses in there including your staff and personal time spent dealing with a crisis – this 30 second video by Ron Lovett, author of Outrageous Empowerment, will explain why it will make it easier to apply for government assistance if and when it comes available.

Stabilizing Your Business: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

With constant changes brought on by the pandemic of COVID-19, your business may be presented with cash flow challenges and opportunities you may have never faced before. To respond to these changes, look no further than a motto with which you are familiar: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. The slogan used by the United States Marine Corps outlines steps you can take to combat the challenges you are facing as you make decisions that will be key to the survival of your business. Read details on this strategy here:

Financial Crisis Management Templates from My CPA and Author, Greg Crabtree. Will you have the capital needed to get back to pre-Covid19 profitability levels (or better)? Resource here:

Don’t Have Laptops For Your Remote Workers? Try Computer Equipment Rentals

CyberCrunch has set up a program to rent refurbished laptops! If you’re short on hardware, they have laptops and desktops available that can be configured to your specifications and shipped to your workers anywhere in the country. And once the dust has settled and things are back to normal, we’ll handle the logistics of returning the equipment and wiping it of sensitive data. To discuss how CyberCrunch can help your business through this difficult period, please contact us at: or call (215) 970-7223 | 866-925-2354

Staying Centered And Grounded - More Important Now Than Ever! 

We are in unprecedented times and the pressure on us as leaders has never been as great. Now more than ever we need to assure we take time for centering, grounding, mindfulness.


Zoom Video Conferencing:

Slack Instant Messaging:

Microsoft Teams for Instant Messaging and Video Conferencing:

This tool is Included in your Microsoft Office 365 Licensing a the Business Essentials, Business Premium, E1, and E3 levels.
Free Microsoft TEAMS Training

Google Meet:

SANS Security Awareness Work-from-Home Deployment Kit - FREE

The SANS Institute put out a free deployment toolkit/security awareness for working from home.

Links to More Helpful Information: 

COVID-19 live tracker – ‘This is a comprehensive, as close to real time as I have found, tracker of the global to local impact’

I suggest you book mark this so you have access to data should there be a need -

Littler – ‘What we should be doing with teams during this time’

Take a look, there is a ton of information in here, find the ones that meet your needs right now.

CDC – ‘What to do if you think you may have COVID-19’

This should likely be in everyone’s communication to their teams -

World – ‘High dose Vitamin C and a prevention and/or a treatment’

Obviously we are not medical professionals, but in my personal opinion I believe that High Dose Vitamin C is a preventative in general by boosting the immune system. Judge completely for yourself but here is some data.

OSHA – ‘Guidance on preparing the workplace for COVID-19’

Leadership teams should review this and ensure they are doing what is needed to be prepared -

Asaf Bitton, MD, MPH – ‘Why social distancing is needed and how to best go about it’

Consider the impact of being a ‘node’ in the distribution of the virus and how you can limit the spread.

NBC News – ‘Video covering several areas of the virus – overall very good information’

Consider sharing or even watching this as part of your meeting rhythms – you can do this virtually as well.

Fast Company & A LOT MORE – ‘How to manage virtual meetings – best practices’

As we move to more remote working have ‘good’ and ‘frequent’ meetings will become highly valuable. your paragraph here.